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December 26,kathmandu.Nepal is a country filled with natural beauty such as mountain valleys and rainforests. With all these beauties, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this country houses many hidden places that are just ready for visiting. The country houses many rich historical and traditional important sites to many ethnic communities from around the world.

Nepal is praised for its authentic natural beauty and the diverse wildlife preserved in its region. While many famous sites are popular throughout the world, you may want to explore the less crowded popular destinations to explore the beauty and authentic nature of Nepal.

We have listed some of the hidden places in Nepal which are the treasure of the country but people miss out on during their travel to Nepal. These places hold their distinct nature and are famous in the region for their own importance. From the plain lands of Terai to the snow-capped mountains to Everest in the Himalayas, there are many hidden places to explore. Let us take a look at some of the popular hidden gems in Nepal that one should visit at least once in a life.

Table of Contents 1. Bandipur Siddha Gufa 2. Phulchowki Hill Station 3. The Gorakhnath Cave - Gorkha 4. The Barun Valley - Makalu Barun National Park 5. Janakpur the Birthplace of Sita

1. Bandipur Siddha Gufa Bandipur is a small village which has a rich Newari culture experience. The village is built like an 18th-century architecture that has a European feel to it. The streets are cobbled styles lined with traditional houses. The place has beautiful views in the evening and is definitely a place to visit for any travelers. Bandipur houses the Siddha Gufa, a 437 meters deep cave with a 50-meter high rock ceiling.

The cave is said to be the largest cave in the country. The cave is flooded with bats. Nepal has many deep and unexplored caves. Some popular ones are probably in Pokhara and Mustang like the Mahendra Gufa, and Chamero Gufa. The Sihhda cave in Bandipur is definitely one to explore as you visit the beautiful village of Bandipur. The place has absolutely stunning views of the surrounding mountains and Is the perfect place to rest in the wonderful nature of Nepal.

2. Phulchowki Hill Station Phulchowki Hill Station is a great place on the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley to the south. The places have a wonderful view of the Kathmandu valley, and the surrounding mountains. The path to Pulchowki will lead you to the beautiful botanical garden in Godawari.

The place has diverse species of plants with beautiful views along with the forests that surround the garden. Pulchowiki is a great place for people who do not want to go to far away from the bustling city. The viewpoint offers panoramic views of the capital valley and beautiful mountain views of Mt Annapurna and Mt Gaurisankhar.

3. The Gorakhnath Cave - Gorkha The Goraknath cave lies in Gorkha, which is a village that is famous throughout the world for its Gurkha warriors who are a key force in the British and Indian army. The Name Gorkha is believed to come from the Gorakhnath Baba, a sage who is said to have predicted the unification of Nepal by King Prithivi Narayan Shah. Also, many Hindus believe the site to be culturally significant to them. So from the religious perspective, many pilgrims come to this place to pay their respect from around the world. In recent years the place has seen a high inflow of tourists.

The reason is that the cave lies at the heart of the Gurka village only 10 meters down from the royal palace. People even wonder if the Gurka fighters get amazing spirit and strength by paying respect in this cave. It is quite a psychological saying if you like; nonetheless, the place has been successful in being foreigners to its famous lands. Rather, it is one of the best-hidden places to visit in Nepal.

4. The Barun Valley - Makalu Barun National Park Barun Valley is one of the most untouched and pristine natural beauty in Nepal which makes it the best-hidden place in Nepal. It is a Himalayan valley that is located at the base of the Makalu Himal, on the way to the base camp of Makalu.

The valley is home to some of the rarest species of flora and fauna in the country hand has forests, green hills, and beautiful mountains views to go with this hidden gem of Nepal. The valley became popular when people started to travel to the base camp of Makalu. The valley is said to be created from the Barun river, and beautiful views of colorful flowers and waterfalls.

The river becomes a beautiful glacier in the winter which is a beautiful view to see. Famous for its diversity of flora and beautiful mountain views the place also houses many caves. One of the popular ones is the Shiva Dhara which is 500 feet high and is said to hold a waterfall called the sacred tap of Lord Shiva (one of the three main gods of Hindus). For this many people visit the valley for its cultural significance.

5. Janakpur the Birthplace of Sita Probably the most famous in the world for its culture, Janakpur is a center of religious and cultural tourism to many people from around the world. It houses the famous Janaki temple that is worshipped by all the Hindu people from around the world. Janakpur is the ancient capital of the Videha dynasty that ruled the Mithila region in ancient times.

King Janak, the king at that time had a child named Sita. Lady Sita, Lord Rama’s wife is is worshipped by devotees because of the famous Hindu methodology of Ramayana. It is said that Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu (one of the three main gods of Hindus) married the child of the goddesses of earth, lady Sita. The epic story of Ramayana is famous throughout the world. Especially, the Indians deem this place to be the most important holy site with respect to their Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama. This is also a reason for the hard relationship of friendship between the two countries of Nepal and India.

The Janaki temple is dedicated to Sita and also holds the site for the marriage between her and Lord Rama. Every day, thousands of devotees come to the temple to pay their respect to this historical place. Tourists, who visit this place, find a rich cultural experience. The Aarti (done during the evening to pray to the gods) is one of the main attractions that travelers do not miss out on.

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