"June 24,Kirtipur.The ancient city steeped in rich history and cultural significance, witnessed a spectacular event called ""Kirtipur by Night"" on Friday, June 23. The program, organized with great enthusiasm and fanfare, aimed to promote the city's tourism potential and highlight its heritage sites.rnrnrnrnDignitaries and prominent personalities from various sectors graced the occasion, including the Hon'ble Minister of Bagmati Province, Pukar Maharjan, and Ms. Subha Laxmi Shakya 'Sunita,' the Deputy Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality. Additionally, representatives from the Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Hotel Federation of Nepal (HFN), Tourist Guide Association of Nepal (TURGAN), and other esteemed organizations were present to support and endorse the event.rnrnrnrnThe main attraction of the program was the captivating heritage walk, which took participants on a tour of the city's major tourist sites. Walking through the ancient streets, the participants immersed themselves in the traditional and cultural ambiance of Kirtipur. The heritage walk included visits to significant landmarks like the Bhag Bhairab Temple and the Bhairab Mask Temple, which hold immense historical and religious importance.rnrnrnrnDuring the event, the participants highlighted the need for the entire tourism industry to include Kirtipur in their itineraries. They emphasized the promotion and publicity of Kirtipur as an ancient heritage site, urging tourism operators to showcase its unique offerings to visitors from around the world. Recognizing the city's potential to captivate tourists with its rich history, cultural heritage, and architectural marvels, the participants encouraged collaboration among all stakeholders to further develop and promote Kirtipur's tourism sector.rnrnTo facilitate easy access to information about the major attractions in the city, Kirtipur Municipality has introduced a convenient method. Visitors can now scan a QR code developed by the municipality to obtain detailed information on the significant heritage sites and cultural landmarks. This digital initiative aims to provide tourists with comprehensive insights into the city's historical treasures and guide them in exploring Kirtipur's unique heritage.rnrnThe successful ""Kirtipur by Night"" event not only showcased the city's glorious past but also laid the foundation for its future growth as a prominent tourist destination. By coming together and recognizing the significance of Kirtipur's heritage, the participants demonstrated their commitment to preserving and promoting the city's cultural legacy. With continued efforts and collaboration, Kirtipur is poised to flourish as a must-visit location on every traveler's itinerary, offering an immersive experience in Nepal's rich history and cultural heritage."

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