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Nepal is one of the most beautiful Place in the world. Nepal is really a piece of heaven on Earth. Nepal is a country where nature has blesses it too much.  No nation can compete with Nepal’s scenic and natural beauty. Lying is South East Asia between China and India, this developing nation holds eccentric natural and scenic beauty, biodiversity in plants and animals and several ethnic groups, cultures, and traditions all inside this small nation. With eight highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a home to hundreds of peaks and beautiful landscapes and rivers and Nepal has been a paradise for adventure seekers offering them ultimate challenges.

The major identification of Nepal in world platform is for the beauty of mountains, culture, and traditions of people and also for friendly hospitality. To take Nepal into international level and to welcome tourists, tourism experts, people in the tourism sector and the government of Nepal is committed. Accordingly, as all tasks is not possible from one area, Grow Up Media also have taken some responsibility for the promotion and developments of Nepal tourism. Thought medium of online news we have paryatanbazar.com into service with aim to bring Nepal tourism to national and international level.

Nepal bears ample of such places which are submerged under the shadow of less ‘exploration’ and ‘promotion’, despite having the multiple possibilities to attract tourist. Paryatanbazar.com hunts such places and explores its beauty to mesmerize the tourists.  We cover all sectors of tourism like Cultural/Festival Tourism, Pilgrimage/Spiritual Tourism, Village Tourism, City Tourism, Mountain Tourism, Nature Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Sport Tourism, MIEC Tourism, Agricultural Tourism, Hospitality Tourism, ECO Tourism etc .

Paryatanbazar.com is under Grow up Media Pvt. Ltd. We scatters tourism news, views, interviews, current affairs, gossips, success stories, reports and global diaspora. We have strong belief that we can set benchmark of online news portal taking it into new heights of professionalism and practice of ethical journalism.